The Crank House, 2105
Vancouver House, 2015
Holland Duplex, 2012
Duplex, Montpelier
Ranch Renovation
Ranch House, before
 3D model used to develop a color scheme and porch detailing
Azarian House, East Montpelier, 2012
Spec House, 2008
Tiny House
Mullins House, Cabot, 2014
Moretown, New Construction, 2014
Starksboro, New Construction, 2000
Crested Butte Renovations, 1996
Lincoln House Renovations, 1996
Lincoln Renovation, 1996
Plainfield House Renovation, 2013
West Hill, interior
Riverton House, 2008
Riverton House, 2008
Mullins House, 2013
Shadow Study
Rendering of projects by others
3D Site Model Rendering
Renderings of projects by others
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